Privacy – Comment Policing

Hello All


Like you, my privacy is important. I am leveraging GoDaddy, WordPress and Simple Forums for my site. I am not hiding anything from you.

I, in no-way collect anything intentionally. I am doing my best to insure that the software doesn’t track your stuff either.

I am not interested in emailing you (unless you email me), or sending you details on how you can buy the next best hairnet. So please rest assured, that I am not attempting to collect your information.

I have not authorized these tools to collect your information unless it is something that is required to actually run, like posting or something.

These software packages leverage MySQL, to store the information that you are posting. I WILL NOT be giving a copy of this to anyone including GoDaddy, and none of these have any right to this data. So rest assured, I am not even backing up your comments to somewhere that might get compromised.

Comment Policing

Please be polite and your posts will remain. If you are rude or derogatory I will remove your post. I am here to help you, and hopefully in return I will learn from you as well.

Be polite, be respectful and enjoy!